Hummingbird by 2002

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“Masterfully crafted, every nuance of ‘Hummingbird,’ sparkles and vibrates, undulating with a certain, undefinable magic and majesty, just like the extraordinary hummingbird. Magnificent.” – New Age Notes Radio

Hummingbirds are mystical, magical creatures symbolizing hope, healing, harmony, and rebirth.  Their fluttering wings form the infinity symbol as they vibrate – just like the 2002 logo – representing balance and endless possibilities for healing and for life and its continuation.

The album, “Hummingbird,” by the family group 2002 (Randy and Pamela Copus, and their daughter, Sarah), is their finest work to date. I actually didn’t think their music could even get any better, but here we are. This album – every track – is stunningly beautiful in every single note. Masterfully crafted, every nuance sparkles and vibrates, undulating with a certain, undefinable magic and majesty, just like the extraordinary hummingbird.

“Hummingbird” was inspired by a handwritten note they received from a fan who said that their music brought him hope and inspiration every day, just like the hummingbirds in legends.

The album is 10 tracks of melodic splendor. Guitar, flute, cello, harp, synth, percussion, and some ethereal vocals combine together in harmonious wonder, each track even more beautiful than then next.

Opening the album is the spectacular “Rainbow Cove.” Etheric backing vocals, outstanding guitar and flute melody all lift the spirits immediately. Gorgeous, through and through, this is scintillating with its many layers and textures. We can see the rainbows of hope right before our eyes, regardless of whether they are open or closed.

“Walela,” the Cherokee word for “hummingbird,” follows.  Heavenly, etheric vocals, rich cello, strings, harp, and a flowing melody make this song so enjoyable. I think they have perfectly captured the joyful spirit and movement of the hummingbird.

Everything here is astoundingly beautiful and not to be missed. You will definitely want to get the entire album. Some other favorites and notes about this album:  There’s a certain reverence to “Gathering the Clouds” that is emotionally stirring.  Strings are magnificent here, as is everything else.  “Sunlight in Rain” is gentle, tender, again melodic, and immensely calming to the spirit. And, of course, we know that most times when we see sunlight in the rain, it equates to a rainbow.  So beautiful.

“Sacred Mountain” is expansive and cinematic with a great flute lead line, plus strings and everything else that makes the music of 2002 so “top drawer.” The production, the mix; everything is always perfect.

Now, here comes that rainbow again. “Through the Rainbow” is heartfelt and joyful filled with the optimism of what lies beyond whatever place we are currently in.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to travel to the moon? It must be amazing. And sometimes just gazing upon it from wherever we are is also amazing.  “Courting the Moon” is soft, gentle, expansive, and atmospheric. I found this extremely peaceful and meditative.

One of the uses of jasmine is for relaxation. “Jasmine Rain” is ultra-relaxing and like a magnificently calming lullaby with its twinkling bells, harp, and lushly angelic etheric vocals. If this doesn’t relax you immediately, I’m not sure what will. SO beautiful. And ditto for “Wind Dancer.”

The exceptional album closes out with “First Day of Spring.” This is an upbeat, optimistic, happy, melodic song. Again, all so very lovely and truly outstanding in every aspect.

I should say that it feels as if the spirit of the hummingbird is fully present in every single piece on this album. As well, I think there just aren’t enough superlatives in the world to describe this music and the feeling of freedom and expansiveness it brings to your heart, head, ears, and entire being.

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Digital album release: June 11, 2021
Physical album release date: July 16, 2021

All music written, performed and produced by: 2002
Recorded and mixed by Randy Copus
Mastered by Tom Eaton
Radio Promotion:
Ed & Stacey Bonk
[email protected]

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