“Finding Solace” by Holland Phillips

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Holland Phillips is well known in the New Age genre for his melodic, neo-classical blend of keyboard and other instrumentation, which always becomes an immersive musical journey for the listener. The new single, “Finding Solace,” released August 26, 2022, is from his upcoming 11 track album, “Standing in Motion,” which releases on September 23, 2022.

Playing and writing music since he was six, Holland was classically trained and then followed that up with years of touring with rock, classic rock, southern music, and even show bands. He now has thousands of listeners and his music plays on radio stations in over 120 countries.  His albums have also garnered numerous awards and nominations, including Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year, Piano with Instrumentation Album of the Year (multiple times) and a number of Top Albums of the Year.  His music is heard on streaming platforms, airline in-flight programs, syndicated radio, television programs, and more.

“Finding Solace” is almost 4 minutes of engaging, defined, piano melody. string instrumentation, and subtle percussion. I particularly love the balanced use of upper and lower piano registers and wonderful chord progressions. The song flows beautifully and is played with passion and purpose, ultimately uplifting the spirit. It’s like “soul-ace;” balm for the soul. Very nicely done in every regard, but that is Holland Phillips’ music.

Get it/listen here: http://www.musicbyholland.com/

Also available on Amazon, Bandcamp, ITunes, Pandora, Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Deezer and more.