Harmony of Contrast by The Song Gardeners

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Cool, groovy, New Age “chill” from The Song Gardeners. – New Age Notes Radio

The Song Gardeners, an up-and-coming New Age pop group consisting of California based Mary Gospe (lead and backing vocals), Corrie Dunn (backing vocals and piano), and David Scheibner (guitars), are releasing a new single on June 21, 2021. “Harmony of Contrast” is a funky, rhythmic, “groovy” celebration of the diversity of humanity. The pretty cover art is from a painting by California artist Corinne Landphere.

The Song Gardeners’ music is highly reminiscent of the 60s group, Peter, Paul, and Mary, who brought political concerns and social commentary to the forefront through song. And although not specifically “folk” music, and more to the “New Agey” side of things, The Song Gardeners are succeeding quite well in creating well-crafted, contemporary pop songs with uplifting messages for humanity.

Their colorful new song, “Harmony of Contrast” addresses the theme of diversity. We are all different and unique, but “we can live peacefully in a harmony of contrast.”

“Like colorful pieces in the mosaic of life
We’re each unique shapes reflecting love and light
In an infinite mural painted on a sea of glass
We can live peacefully in a harmony of contrast. . .”

And here we have even more excellent lyrics like this, which truly drive the point home:

“Sculptures of beauty, varying hues
Living portraits with differing views
Whatever your perspective, you get to choose
How to let your light shine through. . .”

As always, the vocal harmonies between Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe are outstanding. The “chill” groove is pleasant and flowing. Great song. Definitely worth checking out.

Buy/listen/stream here: https://dashgo.co/debndvb

1 minute audio sample here:

Official artist website: https://www.thesonggardeners.com/


Words by Mary Gospe; Music by Mary Gospe and David Scheibner
℗ ©2021 Mary Gospe / Zach Gospe Music Publishing (ASCAP)
℗ ©2021 David Scheibner / Dtoons Music (BMI)
Produced and mixed by David Scheibner