Gail began piano lessons at age 5. She formed her first band at age 15 (where she played guitar) and later went on to major in piano at Peabody Conservatory. Subsequently, with the advent of synthesizers, Gail played keyboards for many years in top 40/dance bands while honing the craft of programming synthesizers. She caught the tech-bug and taught herself how to operate recording equipment and started The Tracking Station Studio where she produces and records some of Baltimore’s finest local talent. She still owns and operates The Tracking Station today.

For 10 years, Gail was contributing editor for Rockrgrl Magazine, which was the first magazine featuring women in music. She wrote equipment review articles where gear manufacturers would send Gail their latest musical equipment (this was like manna from heaven!). After putting it through its paces, a full review was written and submitted to the magazine. Rockrgrl Magazine is no longer in circulation but all editions are currently on exhibit at the Smithsonian.

Along the way, while performing in bands, writing review articles and recording local talent, Gail developed a love for composing new age music. Her ability to utilize technology with an incredibly vast tonal palette is evident in her music. She likes to call her style “electronic/organic new age music” since it combines both sequenced and live tracks.

Pleiades 2.0 is the first release from an upcoming EP due to be out this summer. It is for sale at iTunes and Amazon Music.