“Fragile” (Sting) by Jim Kimo West and David Vito Gregoli

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

I think it takes a brave pair to cover the song, “Fragile,” by musical artist, Sting, originally released as a single in 1988. However, if anyone can do this poignant song real justice, it’s Grammy®-winning guitarist, Jim “Kimo” West, and award-winning multi-instrumentalist, composer, and world-renowned producer, David Vito Gregoli.

Recognized as a master “sound painter,” and accomplished guitarist, “Vito’s” artistic signature is textured acoustic and synthesized compositions, blending infectious grooves with exotic instrumentation. But it’s his paradoxical roots in both the Rock and Classical music genres that bring an exciting freshness to everything he creates.

“Kimo” is regarded as one of the world’s foremost slack-key guitarists and has over seventy-five million spins on global streaming services. He is also quite well-known in the field of music for film and TV and his slack-key compositions have been used in many feature films, documentaries, and on television.

Now, about this cover of “Fragile.” In 2020 Jim “Kimo” West released a solo guitar rendition of this modern classic. When David Vito Gregoli heard it, he was inspired to arrange an ensemble version of it, adding South American charango, nylon guitar, fretless bass, and percussion to the mix. The result is a richly textured and unique pairing between two accomplished guitarists and musicians who are unafraid to experiment with the blending of genres and musical influences.

The piece opens with a lovely, soft, angelic ambiance along with beautiful guitar, which is sensitively and expertly played. There is a perfect synergy between these two talented musicians, and of course, the production is stellar. There’s an unparalleled flow here too. This is just gorgeous in every way and feels very heart-centering as well. If you’re not familiar with this song, look up the lyrics, and then along with all else that is here, you will realize how very special this rendition truly is. Definitely one for the playlist.

Together, Kimo and Vito are a truly dynamic duo and I hope we have more music coming from them in the future.

Get “Fragile” here: https://lnk.dmsmusic.co/davidvitogregolijimkimowest_fragile2024

Official artist websites:

David Vito Gregoli: https://www.vitogregolimusic.com/

Jim “Kimo” West: https://jimkimowest.com/