“Forgiveness” by Jim Gelcer and David Vito Gregoli

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Now here’s a collaborative match made in heaven. . .

Jim Gelcer is a Canadian jazz drummer, singer, musician, composer, and producer, also known for blending traditional Kirtan, a genre of spiritual music from India, with modern influences like R & B, jazz, and rock. He studied Sivananda Yoga and became serious about Kirtan after a visit to Sivananda Ashram in the Laurentian mountains where he was invited to chant in the temple.

David Vito Gregoli’s musical journey began in pop, rock, and blues. By the time he was in his teens he was already hailed as a guitar virtuoso and was working regularly in the L.A. club scene. He later studied classical music and received a Bachelor’s in Music from California State University, Northridge.

But it was Vito’s spiritual quest that led him to the New Age and World music scenes. He was introduced to meditation at the age of 13, and later Yoga. This, in turn, exposed him to global music and World instruments, from sitar to charango. His interests in the healing power of music and his classical music background seamlessly blend in with his expansive experiments in New Age music.

Recognized as a master “sound painter,” Vito’s artistic signature is textured acoustic and synthesized compositions and blending infectious grooves with exotic instrumentation from around the globe. Whether as a player, composer, arranger or producer, Vito’s vast musical vernacular enhances each project he touches.

Now, let’s delve into this beautiful and peaceful song, “Forgiveness.” The Greek word for forgiveness translates to “let go.” So, when we forgive someone, we are letting go of whatever offense we perceive has been committed against us. We aren’t necessarily condoning such offense. We are simply letting it go and forgiving.

Here, in “Forgiveness,” Jim and Vito have combined synthesizer, fretless bass, various strings, classical horn section, and the Scandinavian Nykelharpa, which is a bowed string instrument similar in appearance to a violin or fiddle, but with 16 strings.

The song begins with very, very soft synth and then opens up expansively, yet gently, into a hypnotic, atmospheric soundscape that feels completely heart-opening. I love the strings and the bowed effects throughout that contribute to making this entire composition truly special. One can feel the peace and relaxation seeping deeply into their soul through every note.

It is said that forgiveness is good for the heart. It’s true, and so is this gorgeous song. It’s a “must” for the relaxation playlist. Beautiful.

Get it here: https://lnk.dmsmusic.co/davidvitogregolijimgelcer_forgiveness

Official artist website, David Vito Gregoli: https://www.vitogregolimusic.com/

Link Tree, Jim Gelcer: https://linktr.ee/jimgelcer