Why do you want to do this? Your permanent Artist Page on NewAgeNotes.com includes 3 tracks from your album (your choice), or 3 of your singles.  It also includes your artist pic, a 100 word bio, and any review you’d like to include. As well, you may include links to your website and social media. If we are playing your music on our radio station, it’s beneficial for you to have a permanent artist page so people can find you easily after hearing your songs on our station. If we are not playing your music, having this page gives you permanent back-links to your music and some “about you” for our visitors.

Every artist that has an artist page on New Age Notes can have a “Donate” button on this page as well, so that anyone that wants to donate to you directly may do so. It will come directly to YOU, not me, or this station. YOU.

This is a permanent page. It’s a little promo for you whether or not we are playing your music.  We will also change up your tracks one time per year for free.

After your ONE TIME payment (NOT a monthly or annual payment) payment, send this information to [email protected]

  1. MP3s (no WAVs) for 3 singles
  2. Artist pic – low res, please (72 dpi)
  3. 100 – 150 word bio with links
  4. Any review you’d like to include or a link to a review (optional)