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Video Showcase

Showcase 2 of your official music videos on our New Age Notes website for 1 month. After payment, be sure to send us both the URLs of the videos AND the embed code for the videos.  Send this information to [email protected]

Banner Ad 2

Banner Ad (Leaderboard). This is a banner ad that goes at the top and bottom of our site pages. Size is 728 x 90 pixels. It’s $75 for 3 full months. Be sure to include the link you want your ad to click over to so we can link the graphic to there.  If you […]

Banner Ad 1

300 x 300 pixel (72 dpi) ad – sidebar – 3 full months for $30. Send us an ad in this size, which could simply be your album cover or single artwork.  Send it as a JPEG. Your ad will run for a full 3 months on our New Age site in the sidebar. […]

Audio Advert

MP3 audio advert. This is 15 to 30 second MP3 you record and send to us. Feel free to voice over your music track.  Something like this is good or adjust to your own style. “Hi, this is ______________. My new album (or single), is ___________ (title).  It’s ____ tracks for relaxation and meditation. The […]

Singles Review

Review of your single (written, not an audio).  This review is placed on our website, New Age and social media. Here is what we need to do your single review: An MP3 of your single Description of your single, including inspiration for the song or any other important information regarding your single  Artist credits […]

Album Review

Brief album review (written, not an audio).  This review is placed here on our website, New Age and social media.  We do NOT need to be playing your music here in order to do this review.  As well, please note that this is NOT the in-depth review we do for Zone Music Reporter (ZMR), […]

Sponsor a Playlist

Sponsor a playlist on New Age Notes radio program. You don’t need to do anything after payment. We will make the playlist and promote it with your name on it. We will tell you when we are playing it so you can share it around. And we will share and promote it as well on […]

Sponsor a Show

Sponsor a show on New Age Notes. Send us a brief MP3 in your voice.This should be no more than 30 seconds. Something on this order works, but it is okay to modify to suit your own style: “Hi! This is _________. I’m sponsoring this show on New Age Notes on Live365. I’m a (keyboard […]

3 Track Feature

Feature 3 of your tracks, 2 from your latest release and 1 from a previous release. These will be played on our New Age Notes radio program on a playlist. After payment, send us a Dropbox link to your 3 tracks. Include the following metadata: Artist name, title of track, album title, year, plus album […]

Permanent Artist Page

Why do you want to do this? Your permanent Artist Page on includes 3 tracks from your album (your choice), or 3 of your singles.  It also includes your artist pic, a 100 word bio, and any review you’d like to include. As well, you may include links to your website and social media. […]