Dino Frank Pacifici was born in Montreal, Canada, on July 20, 1958. He began his musical studies at a very early age of 5 years old, concentrating on classical guitar.

Dino started composing at the age of 13. In 1982 he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (music) from Concordia University.

Dino is that consummate artist whose sound and gift is grounded in ambient/chillout music with a jazz influence in combination with his own unique identity. Over the years Dino has kept busy writing Pop-Oriented and Dance music and playing in local bands.

Dino has spent many years studying, recording, and performing live in which he continuously expands his musical horizons. Dino has become proficient with bass, keyboards, programming of electronic instruments, as well as his first love the guitar. His compositions including recordings of ambient/space and chillout/newage albums.

Currently, Dino has successfully recorded over 25 albums, cascading many genres, which include Smooth Jazz, Ambient, Space, Chill-Out, Rock, Pop-Oriented and Dance. Dino is continuously expanding his creative nature with the addition of various instruments and technology while recording.

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