“Quest For The Runestone” by David Arkenstone | Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

David Arkenstone is a maestro of New Age, cinematic, and fantasy-inspired music. I think multitudes of fans would agree that he’s a legend in this category. The multiple Grammy®-nominated composer and multi-instrumentalist creates enchanting, magical music that transports listeners effortlessly to mystical realms, evoking images in the imagination of ancient forests, majestic castles, and faraway lands. What a great escape.

One of the things that makes David’s music particularly captivating is that he blends different elements together seamlessly. The Celtic, Nordic, and cinematic influences David incorporates into his music weave into a rich musical tapestry creating truly unique and memorable sonic landscapes.

Arkenstone’s music has been featured in numerous films, television shows, video games, and NBC Sports themes. With over 1 billion streams on global platforms and over 70 albums released, it’s safe to say his status as a prolific and influential composer in the world of New Age and fantasy music is profoundly solidified.

David’s new album, “Quest For The Runestone,” is based upon a story written by his son, Dashiell Han Arkenstone. The storyline, essentially, is that a young female warrior becomes the keeper of an ancient magic that protects her mountain village from the natural, and at times, dangerous forces surrounding them.

Composed, performed, and produced by David, the album features David on guitar, cittern, saz, flute, whistle, melodica, drums and percussion, handpan, bass, vocals, and keyboards. As well, joining David on the album is a host of top-rate musical talent:  Eric Rigler (“Braveheart” and “Titanic” – Uilleann pipes), Luanne Homzy (violin, Hardanger fiddle), Kimberly Zaleski (flute, piccolo, bass flute), Carlyn Kessler (cello), Clara Sorace (vocals), Sergio González Prats (hurdy gurdy), Dov (violin, viola), and Giulia Colantonio (vocals – From Ethera Gold Atlantis).

The twelve-track album opens with the exciting, “Prophecy.” Ethereal vocals and primeval drumbeats draw us right into the intrigue, the build is exquisite, and we are off delightfully into this wonderful and impressive fantasy.

Some particular favorites and highlights: “Eyes Of Skata” has a dreamy, mysterious vibe to it. Beautiful strings, drums, percussion, and vocals make it particularly otherworldly. “Oceans Of Ice” is wonderfully expansive and richly layered. “Stars Without Light” is an interesting concept. What would those stars look like? Super ethereal wordless vocals, both male and female, create a timeless, eternal vision in our imaginations.

“The Arbos Stirs” feels like it’s completely alive in every layer and nuance. “Arbos” is actually a Latin word meaning “tree,” and here we get the feeling of how interconnected and teeming with life everything in the universe really is. Haunting vocals weave expertly in and out. A steady drum beat keeps us completely engaged in the excitement and movement.

“The Keeper Of The Flame” is a favorite. Beautifully melodic and emotionally evocative, there is a lot going on here with the Uilleann pipes, strings, flute, and more. This is just spectacular, as is the album. This track is a fabulous close to an album which is truly epic and unforgettable.

Releasing July 1, 2024, “Quest For The Runestone” will be available on all major global streaming platforms. There is also a special physical boxed CD available with a 48-page booklet and several “goodies,” including a magnet and a miniature runestone. As well, the recording is also available in Dolby Atmos spatial audio format, all elements adding to the immersive experience that is this completely enchanting album.

Official artist website: https://davidarkenstone.com

David’s Link Tree: https://linktr.ee/davidarkenstone

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