Dan Palladino is a guitarist, vocalist, composer, and music instructor based in Central New Jersey. He began his journey on guitar at the age of seven, played his first gig at the age of 12, and has continually performed in public for the past 45 years. Along the way, he has backed Broadway stars (Cady Huffman, Tamra Hayden), opened for comedians (Joan Rivers, David Brenner), appeared with contemporary jazz groups (Todd Collins Trio, Offramp), and performed live and in the studio, with various singer/songwriters, jazz ensembles, and R&B groups.

Dan’s latest release is the single ambient track, “Leaving Cygnus”, a trip through space and time featuring electric sitar improvisations. He elaborates, “Electric sitar is a sound I’ve always loved, and I find it especially suitable for ambient music. I think I’ve found the right balance of instrumentation and improvisation, while creating melodies that are really quite simple. I hope ‘Leaving Cygnus’ will appeal to the music connoisseur, as well as the casual listener.”

On February 2, 2019, Dan released the ambient album, Pastoral Memory, which he composed, arranged, performed, and produced at his home studio, The Torpedo Room.






Leaving Cygnus: https://danpalladino.bandcamp.com/track/leaving-cygnus

Thankful: https://danpalladino.bandcamp.com/track/thankful

Counting Stars: https://danpalladino.bandcamp.com/track/counting-stars

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