Auroral Magic by Chakuna Machi Asa

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“’Auroral Magic’ is softly uplifting, glowing, like the Aurora Borealis, and gently transportive. Through this music, you may just catch more than a glimpse of the inter-connectedness and eternal nature of human consciousness. Outstanding in so many ways.” – New Age Notes Radio

A few weeks ago, I received a special and beautifully presented package in the mail. Inside, along with the physical CD, “Auroral Magic,” was a crystal pyramid, a crystal grid, and a crystal wand. This was so intriguing one couldn’t help but explore it all right then and there. It’s as “New-Agey” as it gets, right? Maybe. But wait, there’s more. . .

Chakuna Machi Asa (Elizabeth Jacks), hails from the state of Michigan. She graduated from Michigan State University with specialized studies in Shamanism and abnormal psychology to name a few. As well, her post-graduate studies included herbology and meditation. In addition to being a gifted sound healing artist, she is also a Reiki Master, Reiki drummer, massage therapist, therapeutic Kinesiologist, and crystal healer, holding certifications in each.

Her spiritual name, “Chakuna Machi Asa,” was activated during a Peruvian Shamanic ceremony. “Chakuna” means, “ancestor,” “Machi” essentially translates to, “my energy.” And “Asa” is basically, “healer,” “goddess,” and “hope” in different languages.

Chakuna believes she has carried healing energy with her from a past life into this one, with the purpose of using her innate spiritual gifts to transmit these healing and “ascension” vibes to humanity in order to inspire personal/spiritual transformation. What better way to do that than through her gifts of music, singing, drumming, chanting, video teachings, and energy healing tools such as crystals, jewelry, and handmade wands? Probably none. It’s all very effective.

“Auroral Magic,” her 3rd album in the New Age space, is a tribute to her Nordic lineage and ancient ancestors with whom she co-created this album. The album title speaks to the Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights – which was an inspiration for this project.  As well, the term “auroral” represents a new beginning and/or “the light of dawn.” So, musically, here we have an interesting, intriguing combination of piano, with a bit of guitar and strings, and some chant and vocals, all in a relaxing, definitively “New Age” kind of style.

The album opens with the raw and authentic vocal piece, “Blood of Our Ghost.” In the very beginning of this track, we can hear the gentle sounds of the paddling of a canoe before the vocal enters in. Vibrationally interesting, it’s the perfect open to this album as we are invited to center ourselves and embark on a journey that is 12 tracks and about 66 minutes of high-vibe peace.

“Elven Magic” follows, and this is a kind of ceremonial chant song that feels like it raises the vibration in a magical way. I also found this deeply grounding, reverent, and transportive, perhaps to a different time and place.

Have you ever had a conscious dreaming experience? “Planet Xeron” is based upon an experience Chakuna had in which she was transported in that experience to a faraway planet of the same name. The music features steady, rhythmic drumming underneath some ethereal and chanting vocals. This piece is hypnotic and evokes some deep, primal, timeless, and ancient cellular memories if you allow it.

Have you ever watched the sun shining upon a body of water? It’s like sparkling diamonds. Pretty, soft, and reflective, with its flowing piano movement and gentle water sounds, “Dancing Reflections” is Chakuna’s musical perspective on the way the sun shines and reflects on a body of water. As well, it is her philosophical take on the energy that exists between the sun and the moon; the yin and the yang. Balance.

“The Wind” is also beautiful with its twinkling chimes, soft piano, and droning synth, perfectly capturing the movement of a soft breeze caressing the mind, body, and spirit. Here, we are invited to breathe in, breathe out, and release that which is no longer needed. This is quite relaxing and meditative.

Life, death, and time are cyclical. “Time Womb” perfectly captures that energy. If I have it right – simplified – a blue moon is a 2nd full moon that occurs in a month. The deeply contemplative piece, “Blue Moon,” is wonderfully relaxing with its simple piano melody and chords, and etheric, otherworldly sounds.

Another deeply relaxing and transportive track on this album, “Space Shift” “embodies a realignment of energy and a conscious knowing related to our center of gravity, time, and our place in the universe.” We are so much more than this physical body, and here in this meditative, otherworldly piece, we can’t help but be drawn into this deep knowing. How beautiful.

“Our Escape” is almost 8 minutes of continuing tranquility, but more than that. Again, we have simplified piano mixed nicely with ethereal breath sounds, which somehow, together, speak to our higher selves; our souls. I believe – and I hope I have it right – the deep, intentional meaning here is that we are not meant to suffer, and we can escape from this illusion anytime we’d like by moving our lower consciousness into the “reality” of higher realms – co-creative realities – and simply align with our eternal nature. This “escape” is completely perfect for meditation.

One fascinating aspect of this music that I’d like to point out is that the music on the album seems simple, yet it’s not that at all. It’s all a quite intricate creation, not to be taken a surface level. I’d say there’s a parallel there in terms of life itself. Deep. Fascinating, truly.

The absolutely gorgeous “Whale Song” is not to be missed, and is one for the meditative, relaxation playlist, although I feel you’d really love to experience the entire album. This beautiful, ethereal piece is a favorite on this album. It inspires us to be more in tune with these ancient, awesome, mysterious creatures, whose natural rhythms align with the cycles of nature and the nature of the universe.

“John” is a loving tribute to Chakuna’s stepfather, John, who passed away. This is tender, melodic piano, sensitively played. Very soft water sounds mixed in make this very special. Somehow, I get the idea that John had an important role in the creation of this album.

And, this very special album closes out with the almost 5-minute title track, which paints a perfect soundscape of the wonder and magic that is the Aurora Borealis. Heartfelt piano combines with soft bells and chimes for an inner experience of those captivating lights. There is something about this song that seems to light up the heart chakra. And I had the odd experience – a vision of sorts, perhaps – of many people, humanity, all gathered around, gazing at the wonder that is this phenomenon, the Northern Lights. Their heart chakras were connected, each one to the other, and illuminated as well, much like glowing fireflies. I would have to say that was rather astounding.

Okay. . .do we think this album succeeds at gently raising consciousness, softly illuminating darkness (like the Aurora Borealis), and rather “magically” transmuting lower energies of this “ego-based reality” into something higher? Ummm. . .yeah. No doubt about it.

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