Awaecnian” by Cheryl B. Engelhardt & the Ampliband | Single Review for New Age CD and New Age Notes

 We should all be excited about waking up to the great gift of a brand new day. And many of us probably are, no matter what there is to face in our individual lives. But “Awaecnian” (the Old English word for, “awaken),” the new vocal single from composer Cheryl B. Engelhardt, has an even deeper meaning than the obvious.

The song is akin to “awakening to a whole new world,” or collective humanity awakening to a whole new reality. It’s uplifting, hopeful, timely, forward moving, and just utterly gorgeous.

“The sun shines through the clouds again….arise…arise.”

What’s even more interesting is the way this song was composed. The piece is created from an improvised collaboration by 37 members of Cheryl’s independent musician group, AMPLIFY (the Ampliband). Cheryl provided them a basic music bed and invited them to improvise anything they wanted. Then she built the song around their improvisations. I think that’s artistically brilliant.

The vocal harmonies here are extraordinarily beautiful and intricate, and the orchestration and percussion are scintillating. The production is stellar. The joyful song sparkles with an uplifting magic that is undeniable, and most welcome in the strange and dark slumber we are all beginning to emerge from. Time to awaken.

“Awaecnian” is the kind of song you’ll want to listen to and absorb over and over again. Beautiful in every way, I think it’s her best work to date.

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