“Ambient Sleep” | myndstream | Featuring Carl Borden, The Haiku Project, and Michelle Qureshi | Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

You may find it extremely difficult to sleep lately with the constant rumble of unrest permeating our lives and our very consciousness. Well, here’s a different, pleasant, and more appealing rumble for you, and just in time for National Sleep Week, 2022.

“Ambient Sleep” is three tracks, three well-known artists, and 11-1/2 minutes of deep, peaceful, ambient music, all perfectly designed to help you fall sleep and stay asleep. This is the first compilation album (EP) from the myndstream label. And hopefully, we will have even more from them in the future.

Carl Borden, a multi-award-winning and Billboard-charting record producer, composer, and audio engineer, well-known for his ambient music, has the first track here, “Dreamscapes.” This is wonderfully ambient, ethereal, and appropriately dreamy. It’s a most beautiful way to start this ultra-relaxing sleep EP.

The Haiku Project (Danish born, Henrik Hytteballe), takes the center track, “Guuterput.” Henrik is a multi-instrumentalist and painter who creates music that is much like his paintings, with many layers and much depth. Here, with muted, dreamy piano, and gentle synth, along with soft angelic choir, we find ourselves slipping effortlessly and deeper into a state of complete relaxation, with every care simply floating away. This is very deeply relaxing.

Award-winning artist Michelle Qureshi is a composer, multi‐instrumentalist, and classically trained guitarist who brings a heartfelt, contemporary, classic, and yet timeless esthetic to her music.  She adds her gentle ambient magic here in the form of “Tomorrow by Another Name.” Graceful otherworldly synth mixes perfectly with Michelle’s soothing, tranquil guitar.

And effortlessly, the soft whispers of peaceful sleep call us into their arms. And there you have it:  Brilliantly peaceful quietude. Sweet dreams. . .

Get it here: https://myndstream.fanlink.to/ambient-sleep

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