All Is Not Lost” By Lisa Swerdlow

Single Review for New Age CD, New Age Notes Radio

In these challenging times in which we live, sometimes it’s hard not to feel that all is lost. However, the truth is that no matter what circumstances we are facing at any given time, there is always hope in any situation, and all is NOT lost.

The new single from pianist, Lisa Swerdlow, “All is Not Lost,” is inspired by her own personal challenges during the past year: Deadly, threatening wildfires near where she lives in Northern California, a resurgent cancer tumor, and her wife, Lucie, contracting Covid-19.  But “All Is Not Lost” is inspirational, uplifting, healing music for us all.

The single is 4 minutes of gentle, yet passionate, peaceful, dreamy piano with light orchestration. It is gorgeous all through. Here, we can actually feel our individual and collective soul relax and breathe a huge sigh of relief, triumph, and release.

To create such a song of beauty when things may seem bleak, scary, and uncertain, is true transcendence of the “lower” energies. It is transformation. “All Is Not Lost” is elevating, healing salve for the world. Just beautiful from start to finish.

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Pianist/Composer: Lisa Swerdlow
Official Artist Website:
Recorded at Piano Haven Studio, Sedona, AZ
Engineer: Joe Bongiorno
Orchestration by Doug Hammer, Dreamworld Productions
Mastered by: Dreamworld Productions