“Seven Conversations” by Jeff Oster, Vin Downes, Tom Eaton

Album review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

What happens when we listen, really listen, to one another? We have the basis for a delightful and insightful conversation. And, if we are truly listening, we may not know exactly where any particular conversation is going to go. That’s fine.  What results from such unfolding communications can be astoundingly and beautifully profound.

Here, in the new album by Grammy® nominated artists, Jeff Oster (flugelhorn and trumpet), Tom Eaton (keyboards, loops, programming, bass), and award-winning guitarist, Vin Downes (electric guitar), we actually have seven “conversations;” seven completely improvised tracks of flowing, relaxing, ambient music.

What I like very much about this album is the “conversations” (with the exception of the shorter length track 5, “subliminal”), are each long and supremely satisfying. A person can fully relax on into the track and the album and just thoroughly enjoy being totally absorbed in the experience. What I also like very much about this collection of songs is that not one artist outshines the other – or even tries to do that. It’s a consummate collaboration.

The album opens with the lovely, “hushed,” which is just over six minutes of ambient bliss. Oster’s horns are ever so heavenly, and the rest just as much.  Shhhh. . .just listen. . .

Soft guitar beckons us in to “a reckoning.” A gently atmospheric ambiance keeps us there. This is beautiful and ultra-relaxing.

Lightly percolating programming and other elements mesh perfectly with guitar and the very mellow horns in “words overheard.” This is beautiful.

Can I make “a confession?” This is a favorite “conversation” on this album. Every single thing here is outstanding. Haunting, ethereal horns, spectacular guitar, keyboards. . .they are all telling us their secrets and speaking supremely to one another as well.  But, of course, you will want to get the whole album for the complete and ultimate experience. It’s also available as a physical CD, which is wonderful in this day and age.

Sometimes we may feel as if we must read between the lines. What is someone really trying to say? Perhaps there are “subliminal” messages everywhere. The track, “subliminal” has got an otherworldly feel to it that invites us to immerse ourselves in the tranquility and just chill. Now, there’s a message for you.

The very gentle “her wisdom” may be a tribute to women’s intuition, which can probably seem amazing at times. I really like the horn melody line here, along with the rest, of course. There’s a wonderful, almost reverent vibe to this one. I love it.

You know how you can be talking to someone for hours and you just lose track of time because it’s been so enjoyable? Here, with “hours slip by” we find ourselves at the end of the conversation and wonder where the time went. This album has been thoroughly enjoyable in every way. Let’s talk again soon.

Get it here: https://7conversations.com

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Eaton