Aerial Views” by Todd Mosby

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“’Aerial Views’ is smooth, jazzy, light, free as a bird, feel-good music that we all need right now. Perfection.” – New Age Notes Radio

Who couldn’t use a different perspective right about now? Composer and award-winning guitarist, Todd Mosby, takes things higher with his new album, “Aerial Views.” The album is light, free as a bird, “feel good” music that we can welcome wholeheartedly into our lives and can take with us long after the music stops.

“Aerial Views” is the third in a series of concept albums that focus on highlighting natural elements, from composer and guitarist extraordinaire, Todd Mosby.

The other two albums in this series are “Earth Mountain,” a tribute to the Earth, and “Open Waters,” devoted to the oceans. This particular recording, “Aerial Views,” is 12 tracks, embracing the element of “air,” and evokes the emotions Todd had as a youngster co-piloting his father’s plane. For all, it’s an extraordinary, joyful, uplifting journey through and across and into the “wild blue yonder.”

“Aerial Views” is produced by Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton of Imaginary Roads Studio in Vermont and includes an impressive list of sterling guest artists. This is a first class, top-notch recording that is guaranteed to elevate your spirit from the very first notes.

The album opens with the melodic, free flowing “Gliding.” And here we are soaring high above all without a care in the world. This is a brilliant start to this album. Following is another uplifting track, “Across America.”  This is “freedom.” I love the way we feel like we are gracefully flowing along with the air currents. The distinctive and unmistakable artistry of Charlie Bisharat on violin and Premik Tubbs on lapsteel (as well as Todd, of course, and the other completely wonderful guest artists), make this song really special. Just wonderful!

The gently flowing, slower, yet just as silky smooth, “Aether,” takes us into that quiet zone where there is nothing way up there except us and the magnificent sky. This is ultra-relaxing with both Todd and Will Ackerman performing on acoustic guitars. Premik Tubbs is outstanding here on soprano saxophone, as are Jeff Haynes on percussion and Michael Manring on bass. Gorgeous.

Another super-uplifting track is “Earth and Sky.” This is again melodic and features Todd on a variety of guitars, including one of his specialties, the Imrat guitar. Here he uses both the electric and acoustic Imrat guitar which gives the song a wonderful depth and breadth. The addition of Tony Levin on bass, Jerry Marotta on drums, and Jeff Haynes on percussion, give this piece even more texture, like a softly painted pastel sky.  Lola Kristine adds Fender Rhodes electric keyboard rounding out the mix. Excellent.

From there, we almost float into the 6 minute “Into Starlight.” This is another one to love, and the ethereal wordless vocals of Lola Kristine are wonderful. Premik Tubbs on wind synth adds even more depth to a beautiful piece. The song moves and sparkles gently just like those softly twinkling stars we are graced with being able to see in our sky.

I find it impossible to choose a favorite on this album. Completely impossible. One really must get the entire thing. I am quite fond of the 6-1/2 minute “Sylphs,” however. I love the sensuous movement of the song, and the violin really speaks to the heart here. Well, it all does. But I found this completely soothing and calming to the soul. I love it.

If you’ve ever flown in a small plane – or perhaps any plane – you know there is a space in between clouds that seems somewhat magical. “Between The Clouds” is just like that. The piano adds another texture and dimension here. The guitars, bass, drums, percussion – ALL – is just right. This is a wonderful soundscape, perfectly evoking that sense of freedom being airborne can bring. And “ditto” for “Blue Horizons.”

“To The Sky” is gentle, quieter, with the acoustic guitar taking the lead. Tom Eaton on piano is simply wonderful. The etheric vocals of Lola Kristine add to the heavenly quality of this piece.

The title track is magical. Just magical. Everything here works in perfect harmony, just like the universe should. Again, Lola Kristine’s absolutely heavenly wordless vocals and that very special violin artistry of Charlie Bisharat, along with all else here, raise us up to new and soaring heights. I think if you get nothing else, be sure to get this.

“Solo Flight” perfectly captures that exhilarating feeling of one’s first flight. The wind synth is gorgeous here adding beautiful, uplifting textures to the rest of the instrumentation in the composition.  It’s perfection.

The album – a total breath of smooth, jazzy fresh air – closes out with a lyric track. The vocals by Lola Kristine are again effortless and magnificent. The guitars – ALL ­­– again superbly superb. The song has kind of a gospel “choral” feel to it and is a perfect close to this outstanding, “must have” album. “…Now let it shine…shine true.”

Can’t go anywhere right now? “Aerial Views” is an easy, effortless trip you will want to take again and again. And CAN. Superb and masterful, through and through.


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Todd Mosby – all compositions, acoustic/electric guitars, acoustic/electric Imrat guitars
Will Ackerman – acoustic guitar – “Aether”
Charlie Bisharat – violin
Tony Levin – bass
Jerry Marotta – drums
Michael Manring – bass
Jeff Haynes – percussion