Resilience” by Jim Gelcer and David Vito Gregoli

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

As a species, we are nothing if but resilient. “Resilience” is the ability to adapt to difficult, challenging, uncertain, and/or adverse life circumstances. It’s the ability to spring back from these adversities and successfully move forward.

“Resilience,” the song, is the second single released from the upcoming “Quiet Expanse” ambient music project from South African born and Canadian based recording artist Jim Gelcer and California, USA based multi-Instrumentalist and producer David Vito Gregoli.

The track features Jim performing on the Auracle handpan (a modern instrument made in Canada and somewhat resembling a UFO), and Vito on oud, fretless bass, and synthesizers. These musical elements ebb and flow seamlessly together to create a very strong testament to the power of resilience. The cover photo of a “Our Lord’s Candle” flower reaching to the sky is representative of the capacity of all sentient beings to withstand harsh circumstances and recover quickly in the face of life’s many challenges.

At just over 4 minutes, what I like very much about this composition is the ethereal spaciousness. It’s as if the song is alive and breathing. Here, we also have a gentle, meditative vibe. As well, there is a distinct feeling that we can actually visualize in our imaginations, this majestic candle plant blowing and bending in the breeze, yet always coming back to center. It is, perhaps, too, symbolic of a candle whose light never goes out no matter what.

This is very nicely done, and we can look forward as well to the forthcoming collection.

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