Russ Jones is a Utah-based flutist, originally from the mountains of California. Russ’ musical journey began with his spiritual trip to Mexico, where he purchased his first flute in 2011. As a self-taught flutist, Russ first developed a connection with a Native American style flute, before expanding his arsenal to include flutes from around the world. Jones’ first solo album was recorded in 2014, after which Russ began to perform at house concerts, New Age festivals, and work as a studio musician for film scores. Jones’ flute collection includes historical Native American Flutes, including the Shakuhachi, and the Kaval.


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Russ’ new solo album is “At The Edge of Space,” which is twelve tracks of hauntingly beautiful solo flute music.

The album opens with the title track, which quite immediately puts one in a state of tranquility and relaxation. Slowly paced, with some awesome reverb effects, we feel any tensions we might be holding onto just melt away into the “space” of nothingness. These three minutes of bliss set the stage for all that comes next.

Russ’ latest album is “From The Stars.” Get it/listen here:

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